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Everyone must be heard about Phuket a beautiful island located in the…

Stock Exchange of Thailand opens up above 1,200 pts, highest in almost 16 years

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) reveals Thailand’s main index, the SET Index, today opened up at 1208, the highest level in 15 years and eight months since July 11, 1996, supported by the strong fundamentals of the Thai market.

Pattaya wants to raise foreign condominium ownership to 70%

The foreign quota on condominium ownership is regulated by the Interior Ministry at 49% of saleable space. Allowing a higher limit would help developers already up against their foreign ownership quota sell more units.

Thailand Property – Pattaya reforms foreign ownership to get ready for AEC

Pattaya is forced to expand their beaches to accomodate the increase in tourists With Asean Economic (AEC) forming in 2015, Pattaya officials are buckling down on foreign ownership in condominium projects from 70 per cent to 49 per cent. Deputy mayor, Ronakit Ekasingh said, “Pattaya needs to get ready for the AEC. If we wait until 2015, it may be too late as other countries in Asean are now preparing for the single regional common market.” As Pattaya is a special administrative area, Ekasingh’s hope is for Pattaya to lead the way in promoting investment in Thailand. Additionally to Pattaya being a tourist destination, Phuket is as well which is why a pilot programme should be instilled as both cities have their own administrative authorities

Thailand sets Committees to restore Foreign Investor confidence

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Saturday expressed confidence that two “strategic committees” could help rebuild the country and restore foreign investor confidence.

How To Establish A Thailand Representative Office

Thailand is one of the fast developing countries in Asia today. Therefore, it is no wonder why foreign corporations come to do business in Thailand. A wealth of opportunities abound in the country in almost all aspects of trade.

World Bank to Help restructuring Thailand’s tax system

The World Bank has been asked to help study the restructuring of Thailand’s tax system, particularly the reduction of corporate tax and the offering of tax incentives for foreign investors.

Mortgage for foreigners? Sorry, not in Thailand

In today’s market, Thailand’s condominium act implemented 20 years ago is obsolete. It is inconsistent and counterproductive to the wants and needs of the local property market because it blocks out foreign demand for Thai properties.