Last year, I placed my entire communications agency, Global Tolerance, on a year’s sabbatical. On the surface, it seemed like a crazy decision. I’d spent the past decade building the company from scratch, hiring a talented team, winning high-profile clients, from TED and The Gallup Organization to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Gandhi’s grandson, and increasing revenues every year.

Why would I put all that on hold

We’re all trained to be ambitious. We want to grow, win, succeed–and it feels wrong to stop, even for a moment. But what does it really mean to grow? To win? To succeed? Global Tolerance might not be racking up profits this year, but as I sit here with my baby daughter giggling in the room next door, I can safely say this has been my greatest year of growth. Colleagues report similar experiences. Some are focusing on former passions; others are trying new experiences.

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Why I Put My Company on a Year-Long Sabbatical

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