Compared with most of the other countries in the region, Thailand’s consumer market is relatively mature, but the potential for it to grow remains high with its economy poised for sustained, productivity-driven growth in the next five years
Social commerce is a unique phenomenon in Thailand, and an estimated one-third to half of total ecommerce GMV is happening on social platforms
Viewers watching Sunday's Super Bowl LI halftime show will get more than just an epic Lady Gaga performance. Hundreds of lit-up drones will join her in the airspace above the field at NRG Stadium in Houston, according...
Today, with all the friendly locals still very much around you on the street, you might find yourself reaching for the powerful fountain of information in your pocket – your smartphone.
Rocket Internet currently has 20 people at the base in Thailand, and it said it plans to more than double that headcount before the end of this year.
[youtube] Fact 1: Phones get dirty.  Fact 2: Most phones don't like water very much. Soap, even less.  Enter Kyocera's new phone, launched in Japan on Thursday. Called Kyocera rafre, it's not only...
Market size is key for tech firms in selecting a new office location. Across nearly all tech segments we analysed, the potential of business growth as a result of tapping into big markets has a substantial impact on location choice within the region.
While mobile commerce is big in China – one-third of total online shopping in China is done through mobile – Southeast Asia’s mobile commerce is on a faster growth trajectory than the Dragon.
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