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Chinese vote 14 Thai tourism favourites

The 2017 People’s Choice Awards Thailand were based on 3.7 million votes cast during a two-week period.

Which are South-East Asia’s most tourism-friendly destinations?

With over 104 million international arrivals in 2015 and an average growth of 8%, South-East Asia’s travel and tourism industry has incredible potential to help generate growth

City living: ASEAN is urbanizing rapidly, but is it sustainable?

90 percent of the increase in urban populations through 2050 is expected to come from Asia and Africa.

Big data should be driven by business needs, not technology

Demand for top talent in big data analytics exceeds supply by a wide margin. Research by the McKinsey Global Institute concluded that by 2018 the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 big data experts.

The 7 skills you need to get a job at Google, Apple, or Microsoft

Paysa took a closer look at the résumés of people who work at Google, Apple, and Microsoft, to get a sense of what skills those employees had in common.

Southeast Asia’s ecosystem is in serious trouble

Southeast Asia’s biodiversity is under serious threat; some parts of the region are projected to lose up to 98% of their remaining forests in the next nine years. It’s also thought to be the world’s most threatened region for mammals.

Manufacturing Identity : Is ASEAN a Community Yet?

Peace, stability and economic growth are among ASEAN’s most commendable achievements, thanks to which former enemies have been able to live and grow together

How can we create a healthier world?

Cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease are all noncommunicable diseases. Together they are the world’s leading cause of preventable death.