In some countries, like Japan, the population is ageing rapidly, and the labor force is shrinking. In others, like the Philippines, young people are flooding the job market in search of work
Vague commitments by the US, coupled with offers of billions of dollars in investments by cash-rich China, have the potential to disrupt the usual order of things in Asia.
Will ASEAN ever progress beyond being a forum to discuss, and sometimes settle, differences?
Thailand experienced four straight months of double-digit growth through April but achieved only a 1% gain to 66,422 units in May.
More and more investors are flocking to the Southeast Asia region from around to capitalize on the growing entrepreneurial activity and local talent.
Employees in Asia worry about their future financial state; and one in four say financial problems negatively impact their lives.
At present, however, there is a marked shortage of logistics facilities and services in Cambodia which could support rapid trade growth
To boost productivity in the future, Asian governments will have to implement well-targeted structural reforms today.