Thailand is the second largest economy in the 10-nation ASEAN, following Indonesia. Service is the largest sector of the economy with a GDP share of 55%, followed by 36% in industry, with agriculture constituting 9% of GDP.Major sectors...
The value of Thai exports expanded by 10.5%YOY in July, prompting EIC to adjust 2017 exports value growth forecast to 5.5% from 3.5%
Solid growth in exports, combined with a gradual improvement in domestic demand, has prompted an upward revision of Thailand’s economic outlook by the central bank.
Over the past 5 years Thai exports of auto parts have shown strong growth of 4%, higher than the 3% growth in of global car demand during the same period.
Thai authorities have been trying to promote the EEC project regionally but with limited success so far.
Thailand is ranked the second largest Hard Disk Drive (HDD) producer in the world after China
We know that Aid-for-Trade plays a vital role in ensuring that the gains from more and cheaper cross-border trade reach everyone, everywhere.
Since 2010, the value of passenger car exports from Thailand grew only 8% per year. During the same period, Indonesia's passenger car exports expanded at an annual rate of 17%