The launch of this JV by Tencent and Ookbee will target and promote user-generated content and cover a diverse array of online media, with the aim of growing its presence in the region.
Dr Prasert Prasartthong-osot, the proprietor of the Bangkok Hospital chain, was voted the richest stock investor for 2016 with the value of his stocks worth 67 billion baht
Thailand’s earlier projection of ten million Chinese tourist arrivals this year is likely to fall short of target due to a sharp drop of tourists from China as a result of the government’s crackdown on zero-dollar package tours from China
The most widely used internet finance service is third-party payments, a market dominated by two players, AliPay and WeChatPay, which at the end of 2015 had more than 270 million and 200 million active users respectively.
In India and Thailand, the top 1 per cent own nearly 60 per cent of the wealth, while the figure was around 50 per cent for Indonesia and Brazil.
The new bourse will be an addition to the country's two established exchanges -- the first-tier SET and second-tier Market for Alternative Investment, or MAI.
Thailand is seeking to set up an investment holding company next year for government shareholdings, part of a wider effort to improve the performance of state-controlled enterprises.A law to boost the governance of such firms and enable the creation...
Bangkok is classified as a megacity that can leverage technology, particularly the Internet of Things (IoT), to manage city services in a more efficient and smarter way
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