The environmental case for remote working

Anyone searching for a silver lining to the pandemic should look to the clear, blue skies above them. A reduction in pollution worldwide has been an unintended benefit of the lockdowns and stay-in-place orders imposed to control the spread of COVID-19.

Thailand Q1 Investment Applications Soar 80% as FDI More Than Double says BOI

The top three source countries of FDI applications during the first quarter were South Korea, China, and Singapore, with similar levels of investment. Korean investment soared due to a large-scale joint venture in the medical sector, Ms Duangjai said.

The 3 key barriers to remote working (and how to overcome them)

COVID-19 created the world’s largest remote working experiment and, for many, showed just how possible it was for employees to do their jobs without being at the office.

Digital transformation: what will be the long‑term effect of Covid‑19?

For many businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic was the catalyst for their organisational caterpillar to evolve toward digital transformation. Yet following the crisis, it remains to be seen which companies will emerge with wings – and which will simply be crawling along slightly faster than before.

Fitch Ratings Expects Improvement of Thai Corporates’ Credit Outlook

Fitch said the outlook for the food retail sector in 2021 would remain stable as earnings rebound, while the outlook for the building material and power & utilities sectors to be stable in the coming years.

How Singapore is Helping Businesses Accelerate Digital Transformation and Expand Overseas

Singapore’s government issued several measures to accelerate the digital transformation and overseas…

Will businesses adopt remote working permanently?

Remote working isn’t possible for our business. If that was your opinion, pre-COVID-19, you’ll have realised over the last few months that the truth is quite different

Is remote leadership part of the new normal?

With 77% of adults reporting that they would be willing to learn new skills now, or completely retrain, to improve their future employability, there’s never been a better time to assess your own capabilities.