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Thailand seeks to boost local startups with $150m fund and special visa

As part of efforts to facilitate the local startup ecosystem, Thailand will be funding US$151 million for the Digital Economy, and exempt capital gain tax for start-up joint venture by Thai and foreign investors

Thailand ratifies Montreal Convention 1999 for protection of passengers

The increasing number of countries ratifying MC99 in Asia, including Indonesia (2017) and The Philippines (2015), is indicative of the significant growth and importance of aviation in the region.

The Shinawatra Season 2

"History does not repeat it stutters" Karl Marx once said, but obviously he had never lived in Thailand.

Why Southeast Asia may be the Best Place to Launch Your Startup

More and more investors are flocking to the Southeast Asia region from around to capitalize on the growing entrepreneurial activity and local talent.

Could Southeast Asia be Islamic State’s new frontline?

With the declining influence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the threat of transnational terrorism erupting in the SEA region has grown significantly over the past year.

HDD producers to expand investment in Thailand

US-based Western Digital Corp, a market leader in producing hard-disk drives, is expanding its investment in Thailand

Thai baht hits new record high in two years

The Thai baht is one of the best-performing currencies in the region this year, rising about 5% against the dollar.

Who needs a Lamborghini in Bangkok anyway ?

Hundreds of luxury cars have been impounded by the Thai authorities who are investigating a stolen imported car scheme from UK, linked with a tax fraud network implying high ranked custom officials