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Thailand Business News is a news and information website conceived with quality mix of articles that highlight Thailand’s business industry, such as trade, corporate, economics, markets, politics and real estate.

Thailand Business News is among Thailand’s largest online publisher of business news and financial informations about Thailand and Asean countries. Published by Siam News Network it offers editorial coverage and innovative advertising solutions to suit every kind and size of business.

For advertisers, a partnership with Thailand Business News Digital Network means access to one of the most coveted internet audiences in Asia marketplace.

With a growing global readership and a reputation for insightful analysis and opinion on every aspect of Thailand Business events, Thailand Business News is one of the most widely recognized and well-read Web business publications in Thailand.

Thailand business news is on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo for keywords search “Thailand business”.

Moreover, it is now available on iPhone and Android version and on Twitter, with more than 2000 followers on its Twitter account.


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On average mobile web users in Thailand consume 6.6 hours of media daily
Mobile devices represent 27 percent of this time as opposed to 26 percent spent on going online via desktops/laptops and 25 percent on TV.

44 percent of Thailand’s mobile web users say the mobile device is their preferred method of going online Mobile device usage is “found” time, an incremental
Chinese citizens are increasingly relying on mobile phones as a primary method of communication, according to data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Friday.

The number of mobile phone users in China increased to 1.02 billion in experience scattered throughout the day 57 percent of mobile web users use their device while watching TV, 46 percent while lying in bed, 39 percent while commuting and 23 percent while waiting for something.

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