The name Thailand may not easily come to mind in any discourse on mobile or online gaming. However, with an estimated 27 million video gamers and projected revenue of $54m from online games in 2021, Thailand has positioned itself as a rising force in the gaming industry.

Thai’s over the years have been known for their rapid growth of new startups within the game development industry.

his article will explore the current trends within PC and mobile games in Thailand. We have excluded casino games and refer to Thai Casino Center for the latest information related to the online casino and sports betting industry due to the complexity of regulations related to these sectors of the gaming industry. 

Let’s take a look at some of the new startups and Thai games currently trending;

Thai Mobile Games

Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s most important markets for mobile games. There are about 531 Thai publishers on Google Play and about 1,684 Thai published games available for download on the store. Some of the most downloaded games from Thai publishers include Soccer Super Star, City Coach Bus Simulator, Happy Fishing Ground among others. 

Thai published games are noted to generate an average of over 400,000 downloads and this implies that they aren’t faring badly in the market. With a measure of consistency from the developers, 2021 may yet become a year of significant growth for the Thai gaming industry.

The User penetration figure is quite impressive as there is an estimated 7.2% in 2021 which is expected to rise even further to hit 8.4% by the year 2025. There is a connection between increased subscriptions of online games and increased revenue for publishers.

Therefore, revenue is expected to rise based on an annual rate of 9.7% spread across (CAGR 2021-2025) which could result in a projected market volume of US$78m by the year 2025.

Judging by the affinity for social gatherings, online gaming represents a unique opportunity for social interacting during such an important period as this. Gamers who can’t physically congregate could explore the opportunity of online gaming to play against one another.

Gaming is quite diverse and it may take a while to get accustomed to the controls and features available in each game. Mobile gaming will potentially be the biggest beneficiary of the coronavirus pandemic as it does not necessarily require social gathering and can be played from the comfort of one’s home. Hence the player is secured from the threat of contracting the virus. 

Skill Games 

Skill games may be available both online and offline and an example of this is board games. It is a fun game that can be played by multiple players who can also cultivate their skills as they play together. There are several gaming startups in Thailand with about 32 in number offering a different array of games for fans to select from. Some of the games are also available for play on Facebook. 

Some of the exciting games include Lost cubes, Honey Snatch, Thapster, Electhap, Slots Agent, etc. Some of the games may be available for free or may be available on a premium package all based on the preference of the developer. These games cut across a variety of genres so if you don’t like a particular game, you can seek the one that aligns with your gaming preference among the lot. Skill games can be quite thrilling and enjoyable because they put the dexterity and mentality of the player to test.  

Arcade Games

Arcade games may include pinball machines, video game machines, electro-mechanical games, and such games that can be operated via a coin-operated machine. Arcade games are one of the gaming options available in Thailand. There are centers with the relevant machines that allow for arcade games within the country. Some of the notable game and entertainment centers in Bangkok include Gateway Ekamai, Flow House Bangkok, KidZania Bangkok, Lazgam Laser Games, Escape Room Bangkok, Playmondo, Siam Laser Games, More than a Game Café among others. The beauty of arcade games is that it provides an alternative for online and mobile gaming while retaining the thrill and excitement of regular games. 

Going Forward

Several Thai companies within the online and offline gaming industry will be present at the G2E Asia, taking place in Macau in August. It’s a sign of how important the gaming industry is across various gaming verticals in Thailand.

While the casino industry is facing legal restrictions, the biggest barriers to the growth of video and social gaming in Thailand still seems to be the belief that playing these types of games is childish indulgence.

However, since this limiting belief appears to be waning all is set for the continued rise of most genres of gaming in the country as players would have the privilege of choosing from the extensive repertoire of games under different categories such as skill games, arcades, and mobile games. 

The coronavirus pandemic will also contribute to the propagation of a gaming culture within the country as games could constitute an escape route from the boredom and loneliness occasioned by strict compliance with the COVID-19 protocols.

In the end, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Players will be treated to a selection of games to aid relaxation and even socialization and the government may be able to earn extra revenue from the income generated by the gaming companies and operators resident in Thailand.

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