Salam Aleikoum Pattaya السلام عليكم

Thailand is attracting a growing number of tourists from ‘sexually repressed’ nations, mainly from Middle East countries, but complaints by sex workers of violence and theft abound.

Is China Keeping the Peace ?

Since Xi came to office in 2012, some of his efforts to display a bolder and more proactive foreign policy approach have likely contributed to such mercantilist fears, yet China’s foreign economic policies remain fundamentally rooted in the conceptual and policy guidelines of Peaceful Development.

Thailand expands 5.2% in Q4, but ASEAN vehicle sales fall 4% in 2015

The region’s second largest market, Thailand, expanded by 5.2% in the fourth quarter after declining by almost 15% in the first nine months of the year. Buyers rushed into the market in the final months of the year ahead of scheduled increases in excise taxes on key models. The industry remains downbeat about the market’s growth prospects this year, however, reflecting the sluggish domestic economy and the recent tax increases.

Malaysia Airlines to promote inbound medical tourism

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) will see the two parties conduct joint marketing activities to position Malaysia as an international medical tourism destination.

Malaysians are YouTube addicts

Malaysians spend an average of 80 minutes per session on YouTube when using mobile devices, double the global average of 40 minutes.

Myanmar and Thailand : Generals same same but different

Myanmese and Thai militaries are moving in opposite directions. Until they both yield to civilian politicians, Asia will be performing below its potential, to the detriment of the world and especially to the people of both countries. In Thailand, previously Asia’s tiger-cub economy, the military rulers seem determined to show the incompetence of armed forces in running a modern economy.

Second MERS case confirmed in Thailand

A man from Oman who arrived in Bangkok on Friday was announced by the Thai Ministry of Public Health to be the second confirmed MERS- CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus) case in Thailand.

Western Europe overtakes China and US as Number One Investment destination

FDI into Europe hits a new record with US$305b attracted into the…