As the 2017/2018 peak holiday season closes, travel planning for the next round of 2018 holidays is on the front burner for families, singles and business travellers., covering a travel marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, has put together a list of 2018’s major travel predictions to simplify and spur the holiday planning process.

MENA covers the Middle East and North Africa and Wego’s trending is based on observations sourced from data  in this region.

Insights created by Wego’s travel experts  are based on  analysis of data collated from 10 million visits per month across Wego websites and mobile app.

Nine trends driving travel in 2018

  1. Responsible Tourism: Today’s travellers prefer travel and hospitality service providers who embed green or eco-friendly practices into their operations. Best ethical destinations include: Panama, Dominica, Tonga, Mongolia, and Uruguay.
  2. Short Leisure Trips: Weekends are the perfect opportunity to take a three- to four-hour flight out to nearby destinations (MENA region) such as Goa, India or Tbilisi, Georgia. Globally, an estimated 60% of Wego users look for one-night or two-night stays.
  3. Culinary Holidays: More travellers are following their stomach, combining the attractions of a new destination with experiential and culinary delights.
    Whether your tastes run to trying out a storied or starred restaurant, the trend leads us to sample ethnic food traditions or genuine street food at its source. According to the World Food Travel Association, 75%…

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