Why Thais just don’t care about climate change

Thousands of young people marched through cities in Asia Friday, but the demonstration in Bangkok drew few people compared to other countries.

The Gaggan experience : is it worth going Molecular ?

Just for starter Gaggan began the year with a new and must coveted award : nothing but a Michelin star in the first ever Thailand edition

Casa Lapin, a new Den in Bangkok’s coffee booming scene

The caffeine rush from Bangkok ’s coffee boom has lead to an explosion in new cafes, and hangouts that are also becoming hubs of creativity.

Bank of Thailand chief urges Asian cooperation

As the globe is on the brink of a currency war, Bank of Thailand Governor Prasarn Trairatvorakul sees the need for regional cooperation in combating the massive capital inflows into Asia, which have sharply driven Asian currencies up against the US dollar and affected the economies’ competitiveness.

New foreign labour rules

Business leaders have hailed the government’s moves to ease restrictions for employing migrant workers and increase tax incentives under the regional operating headquarters scheme, saying these make Thailand more attractive in the eyes of foreign investors.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand to reopen next Monday

The Stock Exchange of Thailand announced to suspend trading until Friday as fear of Bangkok chaos.

Firms fear heavy losses if riots spread

Political violence is raising growing worries for the business sector, as the…

IT city goes from strength to strength

IT city goes from strength to strength.The information technology sector appears to be weathering the economic storm better than most. The sun always shines brightly on the IT industry regardless of economic or political conditions, with widespread consumption of IT products ensuring steady growth, says Ekachai Sirijirapatana, president of IT City.