Academic lambasts Thailand’s digital stimulus plan

Dozens of high-profile economists, including two former national bank chiefs, have come out against the stimulus scheme.

South China Sea is the primary test of ASEAN’s credibility

One of the biggest obstacles to Beijing’s handling of its relationships with other countries is its failure to acknowledge and address the valid concerns and complaints of its neighboring regions.

Thailand’s Political Shift: Reform vs Status Quo

With the shifting landscape of Thailand’s political system, the new chapter in Thai politics will be one of political contest between reform and maintaining the status quo.

Unusual alliances shape Thailand’s governing coalition

The new governing coalition has brought together former ideological adversaries, confusing many Thai citizens.

When will Tesla make a move in Indonesia?

Tesla has shown interest in entering the Indonesian market, but has not made significant progress

EU businesses are reevaluating their approaches towards China

Western businesses are reevaluating their approaches towards China due to COVID-19 restrictions and supply chain disruptions, but still recognize the Chinese market’s importance to their companies.

China’s food security is at risk due to climate change

China continues to confront significant pressure in maintaining stable grain production while simultaneously promoting green development and the sustainable utilisation of resources.

Thailand leads ASEAN’s EV ecosystem

ASEAN countries, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, have the potential to establish themselves as thriving hubs for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing due to their abundant resources, government incentives, and commitment to developing a regional EV ecosystem.