New government should Speed up Thai-EU trade agreement

Thai exports may lose market share in the European Union (EU) to neighboring ASEAN countries in the near future, if the EU can conclude bilateral trade deals with them.

Food delivery business to reach THB33-35 billion in 2019

KResearch estimates that the food delivery business in 2019 will amount to THB33-35 billion, up 14 percent from the previous year

Slowing global economy pressures Thai exports

The resurgence of rising trade dispute between the US and China has heightened the tensions in the global trade atmosphere and added risks to Thai export sector in the remainder of 2019.
Construction Workers in Bangkok

Thai Property market : condo launches to slow to 61,000 – 64,000 units in 2019

More than 77 percent of respondents, who are interested in buying a condo between 2019-2020, said they want to purchase a condo as their residence