Cambodia – Goodbye to Democracy and All That

The Cambodia National Rescue Party, which had been giving the ruling Cambodian…

Singapore’s Changi Airport retains the megahub title in Asia

The OAG Megahubs International Index 2017 monitors 50 internationally connected airports ranking them by comparing the number of scheduled connections to and from international flights with the number of destinations served from the airport.

What’s Your X Factor in Southeast Asia?

People are one of the most important factors in any business. They’re the ones making decisions that impact customers, and they’re the ones who determine whether your culture exists on paper, or in real life

E-Tourist visa is gaining popularity in India

During July, 119,000 tourists entered India on e-Tourist visas when compared to 68,000 during the month of July 2016 representing a growth of 73.3%.

Millennials travel : post, share and talk about it

55% of Millennials surveyed globally said that they have posted photos or videos of their holidays on social networks, compared to only 34% of non-Millennials.

Downward trend in agency bookings (Thai Travel Agents)

Association of Thai Travel Agents’ member companies handled 1,887,821 travellers, January to…

British Airways dumps passengers at military base in Portugal

British Airways offloaded a couple from a London to Jamaica flight at…

Songkran Trip to Japan turns to disaster

More than 1,000 Thai travellers were stranded at Bangkok’s busy Suvarnabhumi Airport,…