Based on connections and destinations served, Singapore’s Changi gains the megahub title in Asia, according to the latest OAG Megahubs International Index 2017.

If you are looking for an airport that offers the maximum connections and destinations, then of all the 16 airports in Asia that figured in the OAG top-50 annual index, Singapore led the way.

Singapore was the top ranked Asian airport and in the global-50 list it was placed 6th with a connectivity index of 257.

In the global rankings, London Heathrow (LHR) was the single most connected international megahub in the world by a clear margin. On a single day in July, there were over 72,000 possible international connections between flights arriving at LHR and flights departing within a six-hour window.

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Amsterdam Airport (AMS) were ranked second and third, ensuring that the top three places went to European hub airports.

The OAG Megahubs International Index 2017 monitors 50 internationally connected airports ranking them by comparing the number of scheduled connections to and from international flights with the number of destinations served from the airport.

There were some surprises in Asia.  Despite claims that Bangkok is the major aviation hub in the region, the rankings showed it trailed behind three other airports when connections and destinations were considered. Singapore ranked first in Asia, Jakarta second and Kuala Lumpur third.

Megahubs International Index 2017

Bangkok was the fifth highest in Asia, with a connectivity index of 226, while globally it stood at 13th, trailing Hong Kong that came in at fourth regionally  ( 12th on the global list) with a connectivity index of 233.

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