RCEP trade deal hits snag over India’s demand

The 16 Asian and Oceanian countries involved in the regionwide RCEP trade deal have decided to delay the conclusion of that deal until next year.

Thailand woos Southeast Asian tourists with shopping campaign

The programme called “Give Me Five” is set to increase shopping among tourists from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) along with Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

Marketing and investment strategies in Myanmar, India

To encourage Thai SME operators to enter the international market, the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) aims to urge them to invade Myanmar, Cambodian, Chinese and Indian markets.

Trump’s trade war expands to India

There is no doubt that Trump will take further measures against India, including implementing ‘safeguards’ to address increased imports from India that he perceives as causing ‘serious injury’ to his domestic industry.

Thailand expands palm oil and rubber markets to India

India is the world’s largest consumer of vegetable oil, consuming some 12 million tons of vegetable oil, 70% of which is made of palm oil, yearly and importing some 10 million tons of palm oil yearly

Rights of ‘ordinary people’ in focus as 1 bln vote in Asia

A total of 52 million Thais aged 18 and above are eligible to vote, of whom 14 percent will do so for the first time.

Competition between China and India heats up in the Maldives

The growing political turmoil in the Maldives could become a major point of conflict between India and China