The Ministry of Digital for Economy and Society has launched Cloud Service for the public sector in Thailand

In cooperation with the Committee on Digital for Economy and Society and CAT Telecom, the Ministry of Digital for Economy and Society has launched Government Data Center and Cloud Service (GDCC) project which stores and provides data via long-distance networks around the clock for government personnel who can have access to intersectional data, control, analyze and have optimum uses of data in an integrated system.

It can considerably save funds for infrastructural development plans and lead to the improved efficiency in providing digital services to the people. Over 400 information technology officials from varied government agencies attended the launch and demonstration on data transfers to Cloud Service.

Digital Minister Phichet Durongkhaveroj said Cloud Service is a new data service and a significant mechanism for Big Data which can push for the making of a digital government and cope with a shortage in human resources for analytic tasks.

The Ministry of Digital administers and manages the system which is now serviceable to government agencies while CAT Telecom sets up Data Service Centers.

Ministry of Digital Permanent Secretary Atcharin Pattanaphanchai confirmed that Cloud Service applies the highest world standards for the information technology service.

Cloud Service can be used immediately and government agencies need not set up a data center of their own. Besides, the project plans to open Cloud Computing orientation courses for over 2,500 government officials.

National News Bureau Of Thailand

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