Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Thailand is moving forward at full steam, thanks to the development of smart algorithms that can replicate, assist and enhance human tasks in predictable and automatic ways.

Jarit Sidhu, research manager at IDC Asia Pacific, a leading global research firm, says: “Thailand is moving forward at the right pace to integrate emerging technologies like AI into business and daily life.”

There are two types of AI: applied and general. Applied AI systems are designed for particular areas like trading or autonomous cars. General artificial intelligence systems, such as IBM’s Watson, on the other hand, are engineered to mirror human capacities and can potentially handle any task.

The Watson platform is now powered by 30 underlying cognitive technologies, including natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning.

These capabilities are designed to solve a wide range of practical problems, boost productivity and foster new discoveries across many industries, says Kittipong Asawapichayon, country manager for the software group of IBM Thailand.

He says cognitive technology like Watson will enhance professionals’ expertise and support decision-making by finding the most relevant and accurate information millions of times faster than its human counterpart.

IBM is working with governments, corporations and startups to infuse Watson into areas including customer engagement, fraud protection, cybersecurity, knowledge driven expertise, operations and business processes, healthcare, retail, banking, insurance and telecommunications.

For example, IBM and Visa are collaborating to embed payments and commerce into any device, from a watch or a ring to an appliance or a car. Watson’s Internet of Things (IoT) platforms will help companies operate secure payment methods across their entire product lines through the Visa Token Service, a security technology that replaces sensitive payment account information found on payment cards with a unique digital identifier.

Source: AI making its way into both business and daily life in Thailand

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