Thai Government to double sales of Thai products via

The Thai government says it will boost selling of Thai products through its official e-commerce channel,, to 10 billion baht next year from 5 billion this year.

Southeast Asia is the world’s third-largest Internet economy

Digital will help drive what was once one of the most under-developed regions of the world into a US$200 billion economy by 2025

Forget Apps : Web Browsers Are Internet Gatekeepers for the ‘Next Billion’

The people who have come aboard in the past few years are spending their time in something that was overshadowed long ago in developed countries by apps: the mobile web browser.

90% of Internet Users in Thailand Use Smartphones

eMarketer projects that 43.8% of Thailand’s population will be smartphone users this year, with growth expected to slow over the next few years.

Google and H&M Will Design You a “Data Dress”

Through a forthcoming Android application, users can consent to have their activity and lifestyle data monitored – by way of the Awareness API – to create a their own, personalized, custom-made dress

Don’t trust people? It could be because of your smartphone

Today, with all the friendly locals still very much around you on the street, you might find yourself reaching for the powerful fountain of information in your pocket – your smartphone.

Thais spend 45 hours a week or 6.4 hours a day on the Internet

Thais spent more time on the Internet in 2016, at 45 hours a week on average or 6.4 hours a day.