FUJI UNI Ignites a Retail Revolution with AI+3D Verisimilitude Technology at the 71st PGA Show

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At the forefront of technological innovation, FUJI UNI, a footwear project by the well-known Japanese company, proudly showcased its groundbreaking AI+3D verisimilitude technology at the 71st PGA Show, held at the Orange County Convention Center from January 23-26, 2024. This cutting-edge technology, which promises to redefine the nuances of personalized shopping experiences, was a highlight among nearly a thousand top-tier golf brands presenting their latest advancements.

With the world’s influential PGA of America Golf Professionals and golf retailers in attendance, FUJI UNI’s display of its 3D Digitalization Equipment and AI Smart Fitting Technology has captured the industry’s attention. By simulating precise body shapes and gaits, this technology allows for dynamic apparel fitting and a virtual showcase of 360-degree golf swing actions, marking the beginning of a new era for personalized customization.

“Today, we stand at the cusp of a retail transformation. Our AI+3D verisimilitude technology is not just a leap forward for FUJI UNI; it’s a giant stride for the entire fashion and retail industry,” said Kris Saito, CEO of FUJI UNI. “By blending real-time data, personalization, and AI, we’re creating immersive experiences that were once the realm of science fiction – making them a reality for consumers worldwide.”

FUJI UNI’s innovative stride extends to the upcoming establishment of a brand-new golf AI brand experience center in Haikou, Hainan, China. The center will serve as a beacon for high-end retail, showcasing new products and concepts while leveraging Hainan’s burgeoning duty-free market – a sector with sales exceeding 202.4 billion yuan by the end of 2023 following the island’s duty-free policy implementation.

In a world where the retail landscape is continuously evolving, FUJI UNI’s technologies are not merely innovations but harbingers of an interactive, personalized, and technologically advanced future. These technologies face and overcome intricate challenges, such as the complexity of algorithms required to capture the precision of 3D scanning and the subtleties of human expressions and movements.

As FUJI UNI integrates AI Technology and Big Data into the common sense of footwear and clothing, it offers “Personalized” and “Custom Made” solutions that are set to disrupt the status quo. With tools like the 3D Foot Scanner, 3D Body Scanner, and Plantar Pressure Mat, the company provides a comprehensive biomechanical analysis, leading to truly individualized products.

FUJI UNI’s Personalization Platform invites customers to delve into the creative process, selecting basic designs and customizing their choices down to the insoles. This level of detail and personalization not only enhances consumer engagement but also streamlines the supply chain, reflecting a sustainable approach to modern retail.

As the fashion industry leans increasingly towards virtual models and digital style advisors, FUJI UNI’s technology is poised to add unprecedented value, transforming the shopping experience and setting a sustainable course for the future of fashion retail.

For more information about FUJI UNI and their innovative approach to personalized and custom-made footwear and clothing solutions, please visit http://web_en.fujiuni.com.


At FUJI UNI, we hold a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the traditional approach to fashion with our innovative fusion of AI Technology and Big Data. Our ethos, “Stop seeking. Start creating,” encapsulates our goal to inspire a creative awakening in communication and design, allowing individuals to become architects of their own style. By transforming sophisticated technology into intuitive measuring devices, we turn intricate data into personalized footwear and apparel, empowering customers to express their unique identities.

Inspired by the wisdom of the past while forging a path beyond tomorrow, FUJI UNI upholds a culture of diversity and openness. Our platform is a celebration of individuality, where technology meets craftsmanship, and character is woven into every product. As we embrace this journey, we invite everyone to be their own designer, shaping a more diverse and inclusive world.

Source : FUJI UNI Ignites a Retail Revolution with AI+3D Verisimilitude Technology at the 71st PGA Show

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