Thailand’s Internet Key for Future Tourism

Thailand’s place as a tourism hotspot was well-established before the digital age. In the era of the internet, however, investment in online infrastructure has driven the country to the forefront of travel destinations for many accomplished and would-be travellers.

Backed by some of the best internet speeds in the world, Thailand’s adoption of modern systems has made a significant difference in appealing to entertainment, education, navigation, work opportunities and safety.

Networked Speeds

As of this article’s writing, international online metrics note Thailand was rated 6th in the world for average fixed broadband speeds, at 202 Mbps on This places it ahead of many developed nations including the United States, Japan, France, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. Fixed broadband is primarily utilised in hotel rooms, the offering of which can often make or break a stay location.

Mobile broadband in Thailand doesn’t compare quite as favourably, at 54th place with average speeds of 39 Mbps. However, as mobile connections aren’t sharing data between different devices, and because mobile demands for data are much lower than their static counterparts, this speed is still almost always more than enough. With investments in plans to encourage further 5G development, speed is predicted to rapidly develop.

wifi free airport
Photo by ilf

The Internet For Tourism

Nobody travels to a country directly for the internet, but indirectly, the internet has become so ingrained in modern life that without it travellers feel limited. Being able to go online isn’t just an option for many international visitors, it’s a must, and this applies to a wide range of different uses.

Entertainment is one important factor here, where in addition to seeing Thailand in person, tourists also want to check out the online realm. A common example of this approach is found in online casinos like those at

While there aren’t any physical casinos in Thailand, online services such as Aw8 and Betobet are hugely developed, offering many games and ways to gamble. From thousands of slot games to football betting and bonuses like deposit matches and free spins, there are a wide range of options for customers. Whether on the go or from a hotel room, this type of access is important.

Thailand’s layout, while simple to navigate compared to a country like Vietnam, can still be intimidating to newcomers, and this is another area where the internet can help. Thanks to broad, reliable, and cheap tourist SIM cards, finding the way around Thailand with online connectivity is a breeze. Getting around Bangkok without real-time traffic reports can be a problem, and having mobile internet that can be trusted can make all the difference in getting somewhere on time, and unstressed.

High-quality internet connections are also a must in the growing landscape of remote workers and digital nomads. According to, estimates predict that 22% or 35.7 million workers within the United States will be remote workers by 2025. This opens up enormous potential for working on the go, where high-paying jobs can translate into high-paying tourists. High speed and reliable internet are fundamental before even thinking of remote working, and in this, Thailand is already one of the world’s best choices.

Preparing for the Next Generation

With the rise of the internet, the entire foundation of travelling had changed, and keeping up with these changes has already made a difference for many Thai businesses. This isn’t just true for those who focus on tourism either, as technology like reliable voice translation apps has opened opportunities for everyone.

temple thailand
@Thailand” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by doronko

In the next few years, these opportunities could expand even further as newer AI systems further broaden traveller horizons. Systems like ChatGPT have already made great strides in automating tasks that people aren’t comfortable completing alone, also holding significant potential in tourism.

With AI, it could be possible for users to have an itinerary planned out easily, with destinations, hotels, and paths picked out carefully from constantly updated online data. Combined with the already competitive online speeds that Thailand offers, the next generation could soon be upon us.

For businesses in Thailand, getting prepared could be as simple as working on an online presence. Entering a business into Google so it can be found by searches and maps could be hugely advantageous, and will only become more useful over time. Thanks to the internet, the new era of tourism is here, and it

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