Consumer confidence index for August 2015 has fallen to its lowest point in a period of 15 months, meanwhile household debt rose 13% from last year average.
Rice farmers in five northern and central provinces threatened to block the Asian highway from Phitsanulok to Nakhon Sawan in what they said is to pressure the government to pay for the rice they sold under the rice-pledging scheme. Farmers said they have not been paid for over five months now.
Thailand now ranks third in the list of countries having highest road traffic deaths worldwide with 38.1 road fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants per year in 2010.
Thailand's National Anti-Corruption Commission NACC on Wednesday said irregularities have been found in a government-to-government rice contract as the payment figure was unusually low.
U.S. and South Korean forces remain on heightened alert for a North Korean missile test that officials say could take place at any time.Seoul's defense ministry on Thursday said it is at a "full readiness posture" as it monitors the North for possible launches. A spokesperson said the South believes the test could take place on or before the Monday birthday of North Korea's late founding leader, Kim Il Sung.But the defense ministry refused to comment on a report by ...
The country currently hosts some 84,900 registered refugees and an estimated 62,000 unregistered asylum-seekers from Myanmar in nine camps along the Thai-Myanmar border.
The Thai Government is stepping up two major campaigns, one for energy saving and the other for road safety during the Songkran festival, the traditional Thai New Year.
In the face of closer economic integration in Southeast Asia and the opening up of Myanmar's economy, Thailand may be confronted with a shortage of workers in the longer term.