Thailand improving broadcast and telecommunication infrastructure, transitioning to digital era

With a concerted push from the government and private sector, Thailand has taken strides to improve its ICT framework and infrastructure to better enable future growth and prosperity.

Thailand’s ICT lags behind Asean neighbours

According to a recent note published by Oxford Business Group, Thailand ICT is not yet up to speed compared to its Asean neighbors. Despite advances over the past year, the slow pace of information and communications technology (ICT) development in Thailand could put the economy at a disadvantage against rival ASEAN neighbours, a series of reports have warned.

3 Years of Impressive 3G Growth in China

China has just reached 233.44 million 3G subscribers across its three mobile telcos. Digging back through the self-reported stats for each, I noticed that the end of 2009 is the earliest firm data point for all companies involved, so let’s take a look at three years of stunning 3G growth in China.

Thailand’s 3G gets court’s approval

Believe it or not but Thailand is actually the only Asean country without a commercially available 3G offer. Even Laos has one.

3G auction raises questions in Thailand

Long awaited and several times postponed 3G auction by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) saw all three mobile operators awarded spectrum in an auction criticised as uncompetitive and underpriced.

Court injunction may suspend 3G bids

A telecoms academic petitioned the Administrative Court today, seeking an injunction to suspend Tuesday’s auction of third-generation 3G wireless licenses by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission NBTC.

Thai telecom industry set for a busy year (OBG update)

The telecommunications industry in Thailand is set for a busy year, with new 3G licences expected to be auctioned during the third quarter of 2012

Seriously ? Thailand to auction 3G licences in first quarter 2012

The long-delayed 3G service license auction has made Thailand among the last countries in Southeast Asia to fully deploy advanced wireless technology.