Assessing TPP’s Impact on ASEAN

Trade ministers from 12 countries announced that they had completed negotiations for…

12 Things you should Know about ASEAN Economic Community

By 2015, the ten Asean countries plan to launch a single market of over 600 million people for goods, services, capital and labor : a market larger than the European Union

Thailand to remain the dominant carmaker in AEC (Moody’s)

Moody’s Investors Service says that Thailand will remain the dominant carmaker in ASEAN following the establishment of the AEC in 2015.

Thai Labor force needs further improvement to prepare for AEC

Thai skilled labor should be further developed to prepare for the free flow of ASEAN professionals after the establishment of AEC by the end of 2015.

What is the ASEAN Community 2015?

The ASEAN Community is to be established this year. ASEAN should convey, very early in the new year, a coordinated message on what exactly the ASEAN Community 2015 is and what the people can expect come 31 December 2015.

AEC set to transform ASEAN into a 625Mln people market

If anything else, a regional populace of 625 million, plus the combined GDP of US$2.5 trillion offers opportunities under AEC.

AEC implementation heavily depends on Indonesia

The success for capital markets under the Asean Economic Community (AEC) will be heavily dependent on populous Indonesia being ready to participate in an ambitious integration

ASEAN and AEC : look beyond 2015

ASEAN member states are confident that by end-2015, at least 95 percent of the measures under the ASEAN Economic Community AEC Blueprint will be implemented.