Why the Agtech Industry Will Aid Vietnam’s Hi-Tech Growth

Agriculture is an important economic sector in Vietnam. In 2020, agriculture, aquaculture, and forestry sectors contributed 14.9 percent to Vietnam’s GDP, which is lower than 41.6 percent of the service and 33.7 percent of the industry sector.

Thai Rice Export Expected to Drop to 7.5m tons this year

This year’s projection for rice exports remains close to the previous year at 7.5 million tons, the lowest in seven years since 2013 when Thailand exported 6.6 million tonnes of rice.

Thai Government is stepping up “Thailand 4.0” towards agro-processing

Thailand’s focus on food innovation should not come as a big surprise for anyone knowing the country : Thailand is a farming powerhouse and Thai people are notoriously obsessed by food.

Thailand’s rice mountain conundrum

The government in Thailand is hailing a recent agreement with China as a significant step towards reducing its extensive rice stockpile. However, critics of the programme, which offers growers a minimum price for their crops, say that the deal with Beijing will put only a dent in Thailand’s so-called rice mountain.

Thailand to improve agriculture quality and sustainability

The agriculture sector accounted for more than 11% of GDP in 2009, the last year for which statistics were available. Thailand is a major exporter of a number of food products; it was the world’s top exporter of rice in 2009 and was set to reach a record sugar yield in 2010-11, with production predicted to climb as high as 9.47m tonnes between November 2010 and November 2011.

Thailand’s agriculture plan for 2012-2016

Thailand’s international agriculture strategies for 2012-2016 focus on creating confidence in Thai agricultural products and food in order to strengthen the country’s farm sector on a sustainable basis.

Thailand to push up rubber price to $4 per Kilogramme

The price reduction was caused by China buying less expensive Indonesian rubber and that investors made profits from selling their rubber contracts.

FAO Urges International Cooperation on Rising Rice Prices

DWednesday in Bangkok, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization said in Asia the retail price of rice, the major staple, rose in Bangladesh by 33 percent from last year and in China and Indonesia by 23 percent. During the last food crisis, the situation was aggravated when some countries imposed export restrictions or engaged in panic buying.