SET and KTB to launch the first DRx based on Apple and Tesla stocks

The two DRx, namely AAPL80X (Apple DRx) and TSLA80X (Tesla DRx), will become available to investors through the Stock Exchange of Thailand at the same time.

iPads’ production heads to Vietnam

The move, planned last year but delayed by Vietnam’s own COVID surge, highlights the importance of Vietnam for Apple in its ongoing quest for supply chain stability

Second Apple Store in Southeast Asia to open in Bangkok

Thailand will be the 8th Asian country offering an Apple store after China (42), Japan (9), Hong Kong (6), Macau (2), South Korea (1), Taiwan (1) and Singapore (1).

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Visited China Mobile HQ

Tim Cook arrived in Beijing two days ago for yet another trip to China, but since then he has been moving in mysterious ways. According to QQ Tech, one of China’s biggest IT news sites, Cook visited China Mobile (NYSE:CHL; HKG:0941) HQ this morning to meet the new chairman Xi Guohua

Infamous Pirated iOS apps portal Installous Shuts Down

Installous, a major portal for pirated paid apps from Apple’s App Store, won’t be around anymore in 2013. Development team Hackulous today announced the closure of Installous on their official Web site.

iPad mini preorders go live in Thailand

While not included in the 34 countries participating in the iPad mini launch, Thailand’s Online Apple Store has apparently started taking preorders for the device, with ship dates quoted at two weeks.

Will the iPhone 3GS be Apple’s key to prepaid markets?

With the next iPhone on the horizon, all signs point to an imminent demise for the iPhone 3GS. Apple, however, has other plans. Apple’s aging third generation smartphone will live on as the company targets emerging markets not dominated by the iPhone 4S, AppleInsider reports, based on a note from Jefferies Analyst Peter Misek. But does the notion hold any weight? While Apple rules the higher-end, contract-fueled part of the smartphone market, the lower, emerging end is dominated by feature phones and less-advanced Android devices. This leaves Apple without a real contender in the low-end space. “Emerging,” in this case, refers to a market’s general potential for growth. Emerging markets are untapped ones, and, as a result, are the very kinds of markets that growth-focused companies are constantly looking it. One of the most significant emerging areas are prepaid markets where consumers are less likely to sign pricy two-year contracts. These types of consumers are more sensitive to price in general, which is why its key here to keep low the prices of off-contract phones. Currently $375, the off-contract iPhone 3GS is far, far north of an attractive, mass market price point. This is why Apple would likely push that price down to roughly $200, making the device the same purchase price as an on-contract iPhone 4S and double the price of an on-contract iPhone 4. (Apple already offers the 3GS for free in America with a two-year contract.) One problem, though, is age. Released in June 2009, the 3GS is at this point almost three years old. That may not seem too old, but smartphones age fast, and three years is basically decades in technology time. This means that, as cheap as a developing market 3GS would be, the device’s age would very rapidly show, especially as Apple transitions to the next version of iOS.

iPhone 5 will have larger screen, says WSJ

We’ve heard it before, and we’re going to hear it again. The next version of the iPhone will replace its long-standing 3.5-inch screen with one that measures at least 4 inches. The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, claims that production will begin next month on screens for the new iPhone