Thailand’s automotive sector expected to produce 1.4m cars this year

This increase in output is a result of the recovery of domestic and export markets, with the annual output for 2021 expected to be around 1.4 million.

Car Makers Ramp Up EV Production Capacity in Thailand, says BOI

Amid the rising adoption of cleaner cars around the globe, the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) has already approved 24 projects by car makers to produce in the country electric vehicles of all types.
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Thailand to Produce 2.5 Million Vehicles in 2030

Today there are about 15 million vehicles in Thailand and the Energy Ministry expects to see 1.2 million BEVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles within 2036.

Thailand’s automotive production expected to reach 2.2 million

This year, the Ministry of Industry expects that 2.2 million cars will be manufactured in Thailand, comprising 1.1 million cars for domestic sales and another 1.1 million cars for export.

Thai vehicle production shrinks 6.11% YoY in May

Thai vehicle production in May 2019 was 181,338 units, which is 6.11 percent lower than the previous year due to declines in both domestic and international markets.

Thailand and Vietnam driving growth for Bosch in Southeast Asia

the country of 68 million inhabitants is a gateway to Southeast Asia as a business location, which underscores Thailand’s strategic importance for the Bosch Group in Southeast Asia and worldwide

Ports acting as a catalyst for development in Malaysia’s southern Johor state

At the southernmost tip of Peninsular Malaysia lies the state of Johor. Wrapping around the island nation of Singapore, Johor is an economic powerhouse unto itself.