How higher US bond yields will impact Asia Pacific bonds

As financial markets started pricing in stronger US economic growth and inflation because of Joe Biden’s stimulus plan, US bond yields have risen, causing ripple effects across the world, including in APAC.

Billions flow into Thai bonds, pushing up Baht value

According to latest Oxford Business Group report, financial markets in Thailand are experiencing rising levels of capital inflow, drawn by the economy’s solid performance and sustained political stability. However, there are concerns this flood of funding could cause overheating and create bubbles in some segments, including the stock and property markets.

Thai bond market to surge on the back of recent rate cuts

Thailand’s corporate bond market is set for a surge of activity following recent interest rate cuts and amid growing appetite for mergers and acquisitions among Thai companies, says FT blog BeyondBrics.

Three Foreign Entities to Issue Baht-denominated Bonds in Thailand

The Ministry of Finance has permitted three foreign entities to issue baht-denominated bonds or debentures in Thailand from 1 April to 30 September 2011, with the issue amount of 8,000 million baht each.

Thailand issues 50-year government bonds

Thailand’s Finance Ministry has for the first time issued 50-year government bonds, the ministry’s longest duration maturity ever, with an interest rate of 4.85 per cent, according to Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij.

Credit Crunch? Not for Some Asian Companies

Instead of traditional bank borrowing, companies tapping retail, institutional investors by issuing bonds. In Thailand, companies have so far raised $2 billion through bonds this year. New corporate bond issuances rose nearly seven-fold from January to mid-March. These companies have been raising funds at home, taking advantage of Asia’s excess savings and an appetite for higher yield, less risky investments.