Hong Kong : no journalist in the world is free from China’s violent retribution

The new national security legislation China is imposing on Hong Kong could be used not only against journalists operating in Asia’s main financial hub, but against every journalist in the world says RSF

New control, New Activism : the Growing Cyber Activism in Thailand

To defend internet freedom and maintain pressure, activists have responded with a wave of new campaigns and tactics.

China’s media control model threatens Asia-Pacific democracies

Violence against journalists is increasingly worrying in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and the Philippines

Less media freedom than ever in Thailand three years after coup (RSF)

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns the Thai junta’s crackdown on news and information since the military coup three years ago

As the ASEAN turns 50, Human Rights remain a challenge

Thailand in spite of its economic success and one of the most popular global tourist destinations, remains under the clutches of military dictatorship.

Why is South-East Asia silencing free speech?

Across South-East Asia, civic space is shrinking. Crackdowns on people peacefully exercising their freedoms of assembly and expression have become alarmingly common

Network downtime in Thailand cost $297m in lost revenue

If you live and work in Thailand, you probably already know what slow an unreliable internet connection feels like : very frustrating and time consuming.

Press freedom has its limit in Thailand

Thailand’s ruling Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha warned opponents to stop inciting rifts, and media members not to over exercise their freedom as it could do more harm than good to the country