An investigative plunge into Southeast Asian organized crime

Bangkok-based correspondent Patrick Winn has intimately profiled men and women inside this booming underworld: the dealers, traffickers, vigilantes, motorbike bandits, and others caught up in a mad scramble for cash

Thai medicines generated Bt80mln ($2.66mln) revenue

Thai medicines have made headway into the ASEAN market, generating around Bt80 million in revenue last year as pharmaceuticals registered in the ASEAN region.

Anti-malarial drug resistance detected along the Thailand-Myanmar border

Resistance to an anti-malaria drug, artemisinin, is suspected along the Thailand-Myanmar border and in southern Vietnam, but scientists are hoping that it can be contained. Artemisinin resistance emerged on the Thailand-Cambodia border around eight years ago.

Thailand’s War on Drugs gets tougher

A joint drug suppression operation of policed and military personnel confiscated over 4 million methamphetamine pills smuggled into Thailand’s northern border province of Chiang Rai from neighbouring Myanmar.

Thai Hospitals fear floods will hit drug supplies

Hospitals warn of possible drug shortages as prolonged flooding in Thailand has disrupted local production and delivery of medical supplies.

Thailand to Import Drug and Consumer Goods to Prevent Shortages

The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand is working out a plan for necessary reserves of medical supplies, as a number of drug-producing factories have been hit by the flooding.

Amphetamines top drug threat in South‐East Asia countries

Amphetamine‐type stimulants (ATS) have emerged as the primary illicit drug threat in several East and South‐East Asian countries, displacing plant‐based drugs such as heroin, opium and cannabis, says a report issued today by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Berlin Pharmaceutical and Acino Pharma Sign Partnership in Thailand

Berlin Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. and Acino Pharma signed a long term partnership agreement under which Berlin will market a wide range of the Swiss company’s products in Thailand