ASEAN Central Banks Consider Dropping US Dollar, Euro and Yen in favour of local currencies

ASEAN Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors are meeting to discuss reducing dependence on major global currencies in favour of local currencies for financial transactions.

How to Trade the EUR/USD Currency Pair: Professional Tips

The behaviour of the EUR/USD pair is a kind of indicator showing the comparative condition of the US and EU economies. If the US economy steadily grows, and problems arise in the EU, the EUR/USD decreases.

Euro under pressure in Asia

The euro came under further selling pressure in Asia Thursday owing to concerns about Cyprus as it prepares to reopen its banks after the weekend bailout, while political uncertainty in Italy also weighed.After dropping below $1.28 for the first time in four months on Wednesday, the euro fetched $1.2785 and 120.33 yen in Thursday morning Tokyo trade, compared with $1.2779 and 120.63 yen in New York a day earlier.

Euro weakens to lowest since January

The euro fell as low as to $1.3157 versus the dollar on Friday, the weakest level since January 10, as a less-than-estimated LTOR repayment amount dented investor sentiment.

Eurozone Crisis to have limited impact on the Thai Economy

The eurozone crisis is likely to have only a slight impact on the Thai economy, since Thailand has been enjoying financial stability, and it is quite well-prepared for dealing with the situation, according to Thailand official media.

What does Euro Debt and Climate Crises have in common? Free Riders

The spotlight on this year’s long-planned climate negotiations in Durban must be shared with the hastily arranged eurozone negotiations in Brussels. These issues seem a world apart, but the fast-moving euro crisis and the slow-moving climate crisis have similar origins. Addressing both require collective action.

Moody’s remains skeptical after recent euro summit

Moody’s position on euro debt crisis remains unchanged after new euro summit. In a recent article, the agency states that the communiqué issued by European policymakers after the recent euro area summit offers few new measures and therefore does not change our analysis of the rising threat to the cohesion of the euro area and the further shocks to which it and the wider EU remain prone.

Why the Euro should Not exist and why Asia should worry about it

Asia does a lot of trade with Europe. The European Union, the larger grouping of 27 countries, to which the Euro group belongs is the largest single economy in the world, accounting for 27% of GDP. In comparison, the United States is 23% of global GDP