Southeast Asia’s power generation has tripled in 20 years

Southeast Asia’s power generation has tripled in 20 years. But is it running out of energy options?

Climate Change: how Asia-Pacific will affect the whole planet

Pursuing a green recovery in the aftermath of COVID-19 might sound daunting, but it’s actually a great opportunity to direct recovery spending into stimulating sustainable jobs and growth and fight climate change.

Thai People Urged to Alleviate Disaster Risks through Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Thai Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha cited greenhouse gas emissions as a major condition leading to disasters.

Heatwave in Thailand sparks record power consumption peak

The heatwave in Thailand has fueled a new record for energy consumption and prompted health warnings as average peak temperature each day this month has been above 40 degrees Celsius.

Bangkok among Asia’s Cities Most At Risk from Climate Change

Bangkok, Dhaka, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh City, Kolkata, Manila, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Yangon have one thing in common. These low-lying or coastal cities are all highly vulnerable to rising sea levels, floods, and other impacts of climate change.

Global Warming And Consequences in Thailand

As the monsoon hits Thailand, farmers are not alone in watching the rolling clouds, but also factory owners and workers. Unlike the farmers who hope for the rains to flood seedling plots, workers worry that devastating floods might follow and drown factories.

Asia’s Megacities Must Go Green or Risk Disaster

Since the 1980s, Asia has been urbanizing at a faster rate than anywhere else, with the region already home to almost half of all the world’s city dwellers. In just over a decade, it will have 21 of 37 megacities worldwide, and over the next 30 years another 1.1 billion people are expected to join Asia’s already swollen urban ranks.

Global Warming and Consequences: a Global conspiracy?

The skeptics contend that uncertainties do not warrant alarm or huge investments to launch a transition away from fossil fuels.