As the ASEAN turns 50, Human Rights remain a challenge

Thailand in spite of its economic success and one of the most popular global tourist destinations, remains under the clutches of military dictatorship.
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Unaccountability remains two years after crackdown on Red Shirts

Two years after the crackdown by the Thai military on Red Shirt protestors, the government has not arrested or charged any soldier or official for the deaths and injuries committed, Human Rights Watch said this Tuesday during a press conference. The organization called for the withdrawal of an amnesty bill submitted to Parliament that would protect those involved in the 2010 abuses from prosecution.

Immunity for human rights abuses for Corporations?

Should corporations have immunity for human rights abuses? On February 28, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that will decide whether corporations will be exempted from a crucial law that allows foreign victims of serious human rights abuses to sue them in US courts for civil damages.

Burma at the Turning Point

The news out of Burma has been much more hopeful, as the government has taken a series of actions to change course after years of isolation and human rights abuses.

Rights abuses continue unabated in Burma

More than six months since Myanmar held its first general elections in 20 years, human rights abuses continue unabated, say activists. “There has been no appreciable change in the human rights situation in Myanmar since the elections,” Benjamin Zawacki, Amnesty Internationals Myanmar researcher, told IRIN in Bangkok.

ASEAN, Burma and Rights Hypocrisy

Burma’s bid to chair the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in 2014 was politely dismissed when the bloc concluded its latest summit in Indonesia without a clear commitment on the matter. Instead of receiving support for its bid, Burma was advised by fellow ASEAN members to build better infrastructure first if it really wants to lead the group in the future.

Cambodia-Thailand border dispute critical for Asean’s future

As in any organisation, a growing degree of harmonisation among member nations is necessary. With Asean’s very heterogeneous membership, the challenge to evolve as a collective entity is that much greater.

Asian leaders launch rights group

Asian leaders at a regional summit in Thailand officially launch a new human rights watchdog that critics say is toothless.