Asia Likely to See Dynamic Economic Growth says IMF

Region would contribute more than 70 percent to global growth this year—but still faces challenges from inflation, debt, and financial vulnerabilities

Thai growth forecasted at 2.8%, Asia Sails into persistent Headwinds (IMF)

Asia Sails into Headwinds from Rate Hikes, War, and China Slowdown with growth forecasts lowered for this year and 2023, while inflation exceeds central bank targets in most countries

IMF forecasts 2.8 percent GDP grow in 2022

Growth prospects critically hinge on the return of foreign tourists, while soaring energy prices due to the prolonged war in Ukraine could further weigh on private consumption and external demand

Emerging-Market Central Bank Asset Purchases Can Be Effective but Carry Risks

In previous years, it would have been mainly advanced economy central banks making purchases of government debt. However, for the first time on a significant scale, central banks in countries such as South Africa, Poland, and Thailand broke new ground through their use of asset purchases to combat market dysfunction.

IMF inches up Thailand’s GDP forecast from -7.7% to -7.1%

The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) has revised up Thailand’s economic outlook to a 7.1 percent contraction, from a 7.7 percent decline, due to the government’s measures to support the business sector.

Thai economy to rebound sharply in 2012 (IMF)

Thailand is recovering from a very challenging year marked by natural disasters of historic magnitude. First, the earthquake in Japan in March disrupted supply chains and slowed down production, albeit temporarily. Then, the country was inundated by massive floods that began in August and worsened in October–November, slowing the economy to a near halt.

Chinese economy and the IMF: Is risk in eye of the beholder?

The International Monetary Fund’s (lMF) latest assessment on the Chinese economy was released on Feb 6 by the IMF Resident Representative Office in China. It included recent developments, the outlook, risks and policy suggestions. Reflecting the worsened external environment since the last update several months ago, China’s economic growth for 2012 was revised down to 8.25 percent. But still, China remains a bright spot in the midst of intensifying strains in the euro and fragilities elsewhere.

Affordable delays for the Chiang Mai Initiative?

Author: Joel Rathus, Adelaide University While the worst of the Global Financial Crisis may have passed, in East Asia the economic pressures are still mounting. Regional economies are struggling with inflation, asset bubbles and now increasingly volatile exchange rate movements