Thailand’s most annoying Internet habit : profanity

Thailand’s average time online per day (5.03 hours) is the highest in Asia, followed by Singapore at 4.38 hours, Malaysia at 4.18 hours and India at 3.35 hours.

Thai E-commerce set for 30% rise to 1 Mln users in 2015

Based on our internal research, the number of online merchants in Thailand will increase by 30% this year to 1.01 million

Amazon to offer global shopping and ultra-fast delivery in China

Amazon is planning an interesting move in China that could shift the balance somewhat starting with its Singles Day sale this year: global shipping.

Philippines has slowest internet in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong fastest

Despite being regarded as the social media capital of the world, the Philippines has the slowest internet speed in the entire Southeast Asian region and is ranked 158th out of 190 countries worldwide, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Internet access in Thailand to reach 50%

The number of internet users in Thailand will reach 35 million this year or half the population, says the information and communication technology (ICT) minister.

Thailand to install 300,000 free WiFi hotspot

Thailand’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Ministry has set a goal to install free 300,000 WiFi service points nationwide in the second quarter of this year.

Google 100% compliant with Thai censorship requests

In Thailand, Gardner reports, Google “chose to comply with each request made by Thai government censors” – in essence, 100 percent of their requests

China has The World’s Largest Online Population

China has come online extremely quickly in recent years. Today, one in five Internet users are Chinese — that’s half a billion people. And while growth has evened out since 2007, it shows no sign of stopping. Chinese Internet users spend about the same amount of time online as their U.S. counterparts, but their habits differ