Security tightened following IS backer arrest boarding Thai flight to Bangkok

Red flags had been raised in Thailand after the arrest of Malaysian national with alleged links to Islamic State (IS) about to board a Thai Airways flight to Bangkok.
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Jihadism back from the dead in Southeast Asia

Within any Salafi-jihadist organisation there lies a debate over strategy: should the…

Business as usual ? How bombing could affect Thailand’s GDP growth

Will the Thai economy be affected after a string of bombing and arson attacks left four dead in southern resort town ? Policymakers and economists alike seem to agree that this episode will have only short time effects on Thailand’s GDP.

Malaysia: Taking Islamic finance further

Malaysia’s Islamic finance sector is further consolidating its position as a market leader, moving to broaden its product range and expand its reach, though it may need to keep an eye on rivals aspiring to emulate its success.
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Thai Police after two suspects, bombings death toll climbs to 5

Violence in Thailand’s southern, mainly Malay Muslim provinces has been steadily escalating since early 2004, exacerbated by the disastrously heavy-handed policies of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra

Thailand’s first Islamic property fund to be launched

The Islamic Bank of Thailand expects to launch Thailand’s first Islamic property fund, worth THB 1.4 billion $47.2 million in December, according to the bank’s President Theerasak Suwannayos.