Security tightened following IS backer arrest boarding Thai flight to Bangkok

Red flags had been raised in Thailand after the arrest of Malaysian national with alleged links to Islamic State (IS) about to board a Thai Airways flight to Bangkok.

Could Southeast Asia be Islamic State’s new frontline?

With the declining influence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the threat of transnational terrorism erupting in the SEA region has grown significantly over the past year.

Business as usual ? How bombing could affect Thailand’s GDP growth

Will the Thai economy be affected after a string of bombing and arson attacks left four dead in southern resort town ? Policymakers and economists alike seem to agree that this episode will have only short time effects on Thailand’s GDP.

Peace talks stalled in Thailand southern provinces

The Thai government has postponed peace talks with a southern militant group indefinitely, and is reinforcing military strength in the country’s deep South, following escalating violence in the last several days, according to army chief Prayuth Cha-ocha.

New Attacks in Southern Thailand

As Malaysia celebrated its 55th anniversary of independence on Friday, Muslim separatists in southern Thailand marked the occasion with a string of coordinated bomb attacks across the country’s three restive, Islamic-majority provinces.

Southeast Asia Fault Lines: Thailand’s Southern Provinces

Southeast Asia is often viewed as a dynamic region, home to several of Asia’s tiger economies. But look a bit closer, and the region is replete with internal tensions—some between countries, but most within countries.

Thailand and OIC Denounce Violence against Innocent Civilians in the South

The Thai government and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have denounced the indiscriminate acts of violence against innocent civilians in the southern border provinces of Thailand.
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OIC top advisor visits Thailand’s southernmost province

A top advisor to the head of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation OIC secretary-general’s visited Thailand’s southernmost province of Yala on Wednesday, saying that the region’s ongoing violence is not caused by religious conflicts.