Thailand to integrate the EEC with China’s One Belt One Road Initiative

Thailand said a US$44 billion plan to add infrastructure and upgrade industry on its eastern seaboard can link up with China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Forecast 2018 and China’s Digital Economy: The Shape of Things to Come

Recently, the city of Wuhan announced that they will be opening a police station run solely by artificial intelligence (AI) – no employees need apply.

How will China deliver on One Belt, One Road initiative?

But others wonder whether traditional physical trade routes will be so essential in a hi-tech future. Erika Morphy report

Why China could lead the next phase of globalization

While the US is currently the world’s largest economy, in purchasing-power terms China is expected to overtake it in 2016, according to the International Monetary Fund

Belt, Road, and the Xinjiang issue

The Belt Road Initiative promises economic development for China’s westernmost province but reality on the ground is less promising

Alibaba to Lead $1b Round into Chinese Food Delivery Startup

Once completed, the deal would mark the country’s second-largest startup fundraising effort so far in 2017, surpassed only by ride-sharing giant Didi Chuxing’s $5.5 billion round