Thai motorists unlikely to see respite in domestic fuel prices

Thailand’s Oil Fuel Fund Office (OFFO) said even the potential for a widespread economic recession is unlikely to dampen fuel prices, particularly with the continued lack of supply to Europe from Russia

Pandemic drives sea freight prices to record high

The Covid-19 pandemic, which initially brought global shipping to a virtual standstill, did not bode well for the industry and led to “an unprecedented drop in demand”

Being a small company is a big plus when you’re at ZIM

the ZIM of today is a highly attractive employer, much closer in nature to leading high-tech companies such as Google or Microsoft, than its shipping peers.

Road freight in ASEAN: New Covid-19 Response and Recovery Guidelines

The guidelines will support Member States to develop national and regional plans that focus on resilient and sustainable road freight connectivity

Trans-ASEAN bullet train to link Thailand with Singapore and China

Under the Thai government’s plan to make Thailand the logistics hub of ASEAN, the high-speed trains will be at the heart of the country’s new infrastructure system.

Why the recent Bangkok bus fare hike was necessary

The notorious Bangkok traffic gridlock won’t improve unless people leave their cars to use buses and other public transportation systems to commute. But people won’t use buses unless the bus networks, services, and safety improve.

New Bangkok Metro Lines get $311 million financing from ADB

The number of private cars in Southeast Asia has more than doubled since 2000, and 30 million more passenger cars are expected to be added by 2040.

Thailand becoming production hub for heavy trucks

Thailand is fast becoming a major SE Asia production hub for medium and heavy commercial vehicles