Russian tourists spent almost $2 billion in Thailand in 2015, Vladimir Sosnov, the chief of the consulate department at the Russian embassy in Bangkok told TASS on Tuesday.

“Thailand’s Sports and Tourism Ministry sent us a statistical report on how Russians spend their holidays in Thailand,” the diplomat said, adding that major spending is connected with hotels, food and shopping.

Although last year Russian tourism has followed the rouble fall  with a 45% plunge from 1,606,000 to 884,085, Russia ranks second after the UK among European countries’ nationals spending their vacations in Thailand.

Last year figures show the major spending of Russians in Thailand is payment for accommodation, which is some 29%.

Similar percentage goes to food and shopping, 23% for both activities. Transport and entertainment each was 10% of the whole budget.Shopping in Thailand cost Russians around $443 million, sightseeing some $77 million and entertainment spending stood at $196 million.

“Russia ranks second after the UK among European countries’ nationals spending their vacations in Thailand,” Sosnov said, adding that Russia is ninth among all countries.

“If comparing the spending, Chinese, Malaysian and UK nationals top the rank, followed by Russia in fourth place.””Each Russian national spent approximately $130 in Thailand per day,” he said, adding that the average length of a holiday is 17 days.

Source: TASS: Business & Economy – Russians spent almost $2 billion in Thailand in 2015

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