According to a press release from InterNations, Bangkok was ranked as the sixth best city in the world for expats to live and work in 2022.

According to the most recent survey from InterNations, which operates an online site for selling services to expats worldwide, Bangkok is the greatest city in Asia for foreigners to live and work in.

Bangkok ranks second worldwide in the Personal Finance Index. Expats are not only happy with the general cost of living (69% vs. 45% globally), but affordability is also a highlight in the Expat Essentials Index (22nd). Housing is both affordable (70% happy vs. 39% globally) and easy to find (85% vs. 54% globally).

But on the other hand, Bangkok comes 39th in the Quality of Life Index, ranking among the worst destinations worldwide for Safety & Security (45th) and Environment & Climate (48th). Expats are unhappy with the air quality (67% unhappy vs. 19% globally) and the political stability (36% vs. 15% globally).

According to a press statement from InterNations, the survey had 11,970 responses, making Singapore the only other Asian city to place in the top 10.

Valencia, Dubai and Mexico top destinations

Valencia took the top spot. InterNations founder Malte Zeeck was quoted as saying the Spanish city was “a safe place with an excellent climate, a vibrant nightlife and culture, a pleasant urban environment, and great travel opportunities.” At the same time, Valencia was described as “fairly affordable.”

In the survey, Dubai came in second place, and InterNations attributed its appeal to its vibrant social scene, employment opportunities, and innovative corporate culture.

With its third-place finish, Mexico City made its first appearance in the top 10. InterNations claimed the metropolis was easy to settle into and quickly felt like home.

Madrid and Lisbon came in at places four and five, respectively.

Singapore: The Place to Be for Easy Administration, Satisfying Finances & Improved Career Prospects

Singapore ranks third in the Expat Essentials Index and is one of the best-rated destinations for Language (1st), Digital Life (3rd), and Admin Topics (9th). Expats find it very easy to get high-speed internet access at home (97% happy vs. 79% globally) and to pay without cash (97% vs. 84% globally). However, housing is considered unaffordable (71% unhappy vs. 43% globally) and the general cost of living too high (56% vs. 35% globally)

On the other hand, Johannesburg (50th), Frankfurt am Main (49th), and Paris (48th) are the worst destinations in 2022. Expats in Johannesburg are particularly disappointed with the low quality of life and their working life, while Frankfurt and Paris do poorly in the Ease of Settling in and Expat Essentials Indices. Additionally, expats in all three cities struggle financially.

According to InterNations, it has 4.5 million members. They are surveyed every year to determine the best and worst cities worldwide for expats to live and work.

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