Singapore is the most overworked country in the Asia Pacific Region, a study by workspace innovation company, The Instant Group, has found.

Based on the study, Singapore also has the longest working hours per week at 45, followed by China at 42.

The country also has an average annual leave of seven, amongst the lowest in the region, alongside Thailand, which has six, and China, with five.

The overworking culture in the Lion City has left 73% of Singaporean employees unhappy, and 62% feeling burnout, the study found.

To combat the culture of overworking, The Instant Group suggested companies do the following steps: 

  • Educate managers on how to spot burnout and overworking;
  • Create a culture of unplugging after work and on weekends; 
  • Encourage open conversations about work-life balance; and 
  • Offer more flexible and agile working options

In Singapore, the study has found that 76% of employees want a four-day work week to reduce overworking.

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