On February 21, a high-level session of the annual Vietnam Business Forum 2022 took place with the theme of Restoring the economy & Developing supply chain in the new normal.

This was an event organized by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) in collaboration with the World Bank and the International Financial Organization (IFC).

By Thanh Huyen Do, Assistant Manager, Business Intelligence, Dezan Shira & Associates Ho Chi Minh City office

The session was held to discuss Vietnam’s economic issues including improving business conditions, role and responsibility in developing sustainable supply chains, and identification of local and foreign businesses in supply chains.

Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) is an ongoing policy dialogue channel between the Vietnamese government and the business community towards a favorable business environment since 1997. The forum typically features one specific theme that is in line with the government’s working agenda within the year.

Vietnam’s Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended the event along with leaders of ministries, branches, representatives of diplomatic missions, embassies, as well as domestic and foreign business associations.

Besides updating the status of issues raised in the previous forum and proposing recommendations in the coming policy development, it is the chance for enterprises and the government to better understand the opportunities and challenges facing the business community in Vietnam.

At the forum, business associations from the US, the EU, Japan, and South Korea appreciated the efforts and positive results of Vietnam’s economy in 2021.

According to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the government has had timely and effective management directions to remove difficulties for the business community. In particular, the government has successfully implemented the vaccine diplomacy strategy with rapid vaccine coverage, making Vietnam achieve one of the highest vaccination rates globally.

As of February 28, 78.6 percent of the population had been double vaccinated, while 40 percent had received booster shots.

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  1. I think that the topic of restoring the economy has a global meaning in our world and it is one of the most key issues at this point. I’m so glad that on February 21, a high-level session of the annual Vietnam Business Forum 2022 took place, bringing a lot of important issues up, because it is the turning point of positive changes in Vietnam’s economy. Also, it is so important that this session has already bore its fruits and that effective decisions have been developed because it indicates that the chances to see economic breakthrough in Vietnam increased. I think that it is really important to look at this situation in a positive way and try to take all necessary measures which will contribute to sustainable economic recovery. From my point of view, unlocking the full potential of the digital economy has a great value because the digital economy can significantly improve the efficiency of various types of production and enterprises.

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