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If you’re using emojis at work you need to stop :(

An Amsterdam University found that including emojis in work emails may make your colleagues think you are less competent... :(

Bangkok tops most popular cities for international travelers in 2017

In its Mastercard’s 2017 Global Destination Cities Index released this week, it said Bangkok is set to welcome nearly 20.2 million International overnight visitors this year, or 4% increase from last year.

Thailand may scrap 15% tax exemption on bank savings for rich people

Finance Minister Apisak Tantivorawong said some small banks have advised their customers to evade the 15% withholding tax when their earned interest income are reaching 20,000 baht.
The Sufficiency Economy

Thai People Urged to Alleviate Disaster Risks through Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Thai Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha cited greenhouse gas emissions as a major condition leading to disasters.

Singapore and German Passport ranked as most powerful

Singapore is tied, for the first time, with Germany as the country with the most powerful passport in the latest Global Passport Power Rank 2017
Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok Hospital shareholder richest stock investor for four consecutive years

Dr Prasert Prasartthong-osot, the proprietor of the Bangkok Hospital chain, was voted the richest stock investor for 2016 with the value of his stocks worth 67 billion baht

68% of Thais now have smartphones

According to statistics released by Google (Thailand), 68% of Thais are now using smartphones.
If the Indian economy were to grow at an annual average of 7.8 per cent, it would take 18 years to get to China’s current size

Startup india – Redesigning the future of entrepreneurship

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ambitious ‘Startup India’ Movement to boost digital entrepreneurship at the grassroots level in India.