Central Bangkok lights up for the holiday season 2016-2017

Bangkok’s central shopping districts along Sukhumvit Road and around Ratchahprasong intersection have been lit up with festive lights and decorations to help visitors and locals celebrate Christmas and the New Year

Bangkok River view condos next hot spot ?

Offering views hard to beat in such a congested city, spots near the Chao Phraya are sure to receive increased attention from developers, which could lead to the area becoming a residential leader .Those of us in the property business are often asked what the hot locations for condominiums in Bangkok are.

Hotel Oversupply in Bangkok shows no sign of Slowing down

Those living in Bangkok will surely notice that there is a new hotel opening almost every month on average. Many may wonder why the city’s hotel supply keeps growing given the frequent talk of oversupply, without any signs of slowing down. As of the third quarter of last year, there were a total of 30,815 hotel rooms in downtown Bangkok and a further 8,664 rooms in the pipeline to be completed by 2014, representing a 28% increase in existing supply.
Feng shui translates literally to “wind and water”

Thailand’s Investment with a Feng Shui Perspective

Thais and Chinese have close ties culturally, and these days many Thais seem to believe in Chinese astrology and feng shui. Feng shui translates literally to “wind and water” and is based on a belief in patterns of the opposing but complementary forces of yin and yang and the flow of chi (energy). It is the Chinese practice of positioning objects, especially buildings and furniture, based on these patterns and energy. In the tradition of feng shui, the way a home is decorated and designed affects the fortunes of its residents.

Bangkok’s Retail Miracle, from mom-and-pop to mega-malls

With an official population of just under 10 million and a growing middle class, Bangkok boasts a remarkably dynamic retail property market. It’s gone from mom-and-pop to mega-malls in just a few decades, but zoning and catering to consumers will determine the next step