Trump’s policy in Asia : from bad to worse ?

The Trump administration’s trade confrontation with China is yet to produce a negotiated solution

Asia Update: Top Five Stories for the Week

Asia update. In Thailand, the connection between the film and revolution is much more overt—several student protesters have been detained for using a three-finger salute, a symbol of resistance in the movie.

China’s Diabetic population largest in the world

China being the land of “the first,” “the largest” and “the highest.” it has the largest diabetic population in the world (114 million)

China on the Urbanization Warpath

If China does not find the correct urbanization path forward, it will fall into the trap of many Latin American countries with “dual” urban structures characterized by “urban slums” and “other social problems.”

Can Thailand’s Flood Defenses Fail Again?

Last year, flooding in Thailand breached defenses across the country, killing 800 people, ruining many of the industrial estates on the outskirts of Bangkok, bringing the capital to a halt, and resulting in billions of dollars in damage.

Signs that could derail Myanmar’s fragile reform process

Over the past two weeks, there have been a number of signs that Myanmar’s fragile reform process, first put on track about a year and a half ago, is facing serious obstacles that, at times, have been papered over.

Burma’s Free Election Aftermath

For a country that has experienced almost nothing but misery, abuses, and economic mismanagement since the army first took power in 1962, the scenes from Sunday’s by-elections in the new, civilian Burmese parliament seemed nothing short of miraculous. The military’s favored party, the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), took a paltry handful of seats.