Dodging import tariffs imposed by the US : Look before you leap

Manufacturers planning a factory move should tally the operating costs and consider whether it is economically viable.

Malaysia and Thailand better positioned to develop e-commerce

Countries with more developed infrastructure, such as Malaysia and Thailand, are better positioned to develop e-commerce. Thailand could be set to experience a surge in e-commerce activities over the coming years

ASEAN consumers gain traction

The region has drawn a great deal of attention a site for many infrastructure and development projects under the Belt and Road Initiative, but it is also a dynamic and diverse consumer market.

Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Logistics and Fulfillment

The cost and capability of logistics providers in Malaysia and Thailand are relatively competitive in the region, but there are last mile issues that need to be addressed

Building a Coffee Empire on The Cream of Café Culture

These time-honoured snacks and beverages, however, have had to stand up to ever-increasing competition – and not just from the likes of major coffee retailers Starbucks or Pacific Coffee.